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Is your current grocery habit ruining your life? - Waste Free

Is your current grocery habit ruining your life?

By Leonie | Earth Friendly Habits

Nov 20

Is your current grocery shopping experience costing you time, energy and more money than you'd like? Are you hating the fact that your grocery shop contributes to the worlds plastic epidemic? If so, let me help you change this.


Are you ready for the truth?

Did you know that your current way of doing the grocery shopping could be costing you up to 4 weeks of your precious time?! Each year?!!

Holy shit balls, thats a huge amount of time isn’t it?

Over 12 years you’d have lost 1 whole year of your life dedicated to grocery shopping alone. That’s 365 days! Gone! Forever! Think about what you would have missed out on in that time!

Well today...we’re going to get that time back for you. Guaranteed!

But first lets look at a few of the neglected facts.

WARNING this might not be what you want to hear but you need to hear it. Sorry not sorry.Lets break it down and see how going to the grocery store is effecting you and our earth.

Heading out to do the grocery shop zaps our most valuable resources 

Time + Energy + Money + Earths Resources = Your Life!

Your Time

The thing with time is once you’ve spent it, you’ll never get it back and thats a fact…but you can get your future grocery shopping time back, if your smart.

How many days off from working have you lost to grocery shopping? 

How many of those days have you wanted to do things like; a dance lesson, catch up with friends, rest after a hectic week at work? 

Or maybe you want to start a side business and your days off are the only resource you have to get it started?

Know what your time is worth.  And know that grocery shopping isn’t worth your time.

Next is your valuable ‘Energy’

Your Energy

You and I both know what it feels like to get home after battling it out there doing the grocery shopping. Only to haul it all back home, unpack and see a pile of packaging as high as the sky, and then ordering take away food for dinner?!

It’s depressing isn’t it? All that for nothing is what it feels like doesn’t it? 

I don’t think anyones every said, ‘I feel so alive and invigorated after grocery shopping’. It’s more like, ‘I never want to go out there ever again, I feel so drained and upset after losing my whole day off from work to groceries‘. 

The worst is having to go back to work the next day having not accomplished anything that was on your to-do list.

Ask yourself this. . . 'Can I emotionally afford to run around 4 weeks out of every year doing the grocery shop? Is that being smart with my time?'

And what about your money?

Your Money

There’s always some sort of incidental cost with completing your shopping trip. Whether it’s before, during or after your grocery shop, these can really add up.

Here’s a small and painful list of just a few of them:

  • Transport to the shops; Taxi, Uber, Petrol, Bus/Train running behind schedule and your standing there with all your bags & you just want to get home!
  • Purchasing food or water to eat and drink before grocery shopping (you know you need the energy to get you through)
  • Transport back home, same as above.
  • That $2 trolly lock that you never have change for, so you have to go to the ATM to get your $20 note to break by purchasing a snack.  
  • Impulse purchases (newsflash - got kids? You know what I mean when they spot the treats!)
  • You don’t have a shopping list so you throw everything in the trolly (after all it’ll be another week or so until you do the groceries again)

Sounds familiar right? 

You and I have both over spent. Its unavoidable. 

We’re up against the manipulation of the marketing world. It’s designed to make us feel shame if we don’t buy it, unacceptable if we don’t have it, and makes us feel shit if we can’t afford it.

Time, Energy, and Money levels are emotional resources. The marketing industry know this and plague us every chance we head out to do our groceries. 

There are ways to beat this. . . but first let's look at our Earths resources.

Earths Resources 

The sad truth about ‘Earths Resources’ 

Filling up our fridges and cupboards with single use packaged items isn’t just depressing, it’s one of the most undesirable things to have to do, as a human being today.

Every grocery shop contributes to millions and millions of single use packaging that ends up  being sent to landfill every day.

Landfill is where all packaging, food-scraps and items that are discarded by us humans ends up.

These items get put into the the earth & covered up with chemicals. No air or sunlight can get in... which traps everything in there (making our trash unable to biodegrade naturally)

Every time you travel to the grocery shops you are contributing up to 100kg of carbon emissions to our environment.

Every time you do the grocery shop, you are contributing up to 500 plastic bags per person, per household every year. On- top of your already purchased single use plastic items in your trolley.

Purchasing and supporting the wrong toilet paper companies, leads to further deforestation 

Purchasing food items that use unsustainable palm oil contributes to deforestation (killing the lives of innocent animals and native cultures)

The amount of energy consumed to bring in foods from other countries means petrol is dredged from our earth to bring it to you on planes and ships which use up Earths resources too. 

This all needs to change, NOW. 

The way you spend your dollars, time, energy and the way you use earths resources votes for the type of Earth you want to live in, spend your life wisely.

Below is a free online E-course that'll take you less than an hour to digest and start making some important life changing habits into new ways of living to support a healthier way of life!

About the Author

I believe that we don't have to move away from the city to renew our Earths resources, instead we need to move towards a lifestyle thats healthy for us and our Earth.