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How to make water Kefir - Creature of Habits

How to make water Kefir

By Leonie | Uncategorized

Mar 07

The healing properties of Kefir far outweigh the "over the counter" probiotics! Making water kefir is a little more sustainable on our Earths resources compared with making milk Kefir & yoghurt (unless you have a cow). Learn how to make your own probiotics in this step by step wellness tutorial.  You'll learn where to get the best water Kefir grains so you can get started today!


What is Kefir?

What is water Kefir

Here are my Water Kefir grains at 1 week old

Kefir comes from many cultures, like Mexico, Tibet, Kentucky and the Ukraine & is believed that it first originated in Northern Caucasus Mountain region of Russia! How amazing is that, that somewhere along the line you just might have an ancient grain that dates back thousands of years, bringing abundant health into your life!

Kefir is also known as Tibicos, It feeds off sugar, fructose sugar, milk sugars & coconut sugars, and produces lactic acid, ethanol (very small 1% alcohol) and carbon dioxide, which gives it bubbles making it a fizzy drink to enjoy.

No two kefir culture grains are the same as they will have varying levels of bacteria & yeast that help with gut and vaginal health. The typical mix of bacteria that you'll find in Kefir Tibicos is: 16+ strains of Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, Pediococcus, Leuconostoc AND good yeasts of Saccharomyces, & Kloeckera. Mixed together they all create an army of probiotics!

Probiotics are live organisms that can survive living in your gut, large & small intestines, vaginal walls and other areas of your body. By increasing the production of probiotics, your ensuing a strong and healthy immune system free of inflammation and disease!


Why you should make your own water Kefir

Why you should make water kefir

You'll find that once you start making and consuming your own home made water Kefir you might start to notice good changes within yourself.

My advise is to start making and consuming water Kefir before you notice any weaknesses in you body, this will make your immune system stronger, preventing it from getting attacked by any bad bacteria. Prevention is better than cure! 

What kefir can help with:

  • Reduce bloated tummy 
  • Clear Skin
  • By drinking this tonic you can clear up over growth vaginal thrush infections
  • Eases stress in the gut
  • Kefir gets to the small intestines that other probiotics can't get to
  • Reduces sugar cravings
  • Helps with Irritable Bowl Syndrome by easing the symptoms
  • Lowers inflammation of the intestinal walls
  • Supports healthy immune system 
  • Preventing infection

How to make your own Kefir

Making Kefir is simple! Once you get all your ingredients you'll be drinking your probiotic tonic within 7 days! 

Ingredients you'll need for the first fermentation

***When your kefir grains arrive, make sure you start the above process straightaway! They'll be starving for a good feed and could potentially die if they don't get fed when they arrive in the post***

First Fermentation Process

Step 1. 

Pour water into glass jar or kefir maker, stir in the the sugar, molasses and bicarb soda a wooden spoon, or give it a swish so all the ingredients dissolve in the room temp water. Sometimes I step away for 15 minutes so the ingredients properly dissolve into the water. Then come back for step 2.

Step 2.

When all the ingredients are dissolved and the water is looking a little cloudy (it will look darker if you put molasses in it. You can now put you 15g of kefir grains and your slice of lemon into the water.

Step 3.

Cover with lid and leave it slightly open, the kefir maker has a special lid for this, but if you're using a regular jar, place a clean cloth over the top and secure it with an elastic band, string or ribbon.

Why you should make water kefir

Kefir liquid strained into bottles with strawberries for the second fermentation process

Step 4.

Let your kefir sit on the kitchen counter to do it thing for the next 48 hours. You can go about your life knowing that a healthy elixir will be waiting for you in 2 days time.

Ideal temp for your counter is 20-24 degree's, if its below this temp let it sit for 36 hours. When its gets hotter it may take 24hours. Best way to see what is ideal for your kitchen counter is to do a taste test every day for 3 days to see if it changes. Simply scoop some liquid out with a spoon and taste.

You'll start to notice different levels of sweetness as the sugar is consumed by the kefir grains. How cool is that!?

Step 5a.

After 48 hours or more, depending on your taste and the temperature, your kefir is ready for the second fermentation. Strain the kefir through your cloth or the inbuilt strainer in the Kefir maker. You want to pour the liquid straight into reusable bottles with good secure lids.

Step 5b.

Now you have a jar of Kefir grains and a bottle of Kefir water. Repeat step one again (First fermentation Process) with the grains. You can now move onto the second fermentation process (This is when it gets bubble like soda) with the kefir water. 

***If you go away on holidays or have enough Kefir to last you a while you can store your Kefir grains in the fridge for a few months, make sure you give them a good feed of sugar though***

Second Fermentation Process

Now that your have your liquid in your  bottles you can leave as is or you can flavour them with organic fruit, dried fruit and real juice. The flavouring part is endless. Get creative. I love the mix of sugared ginger cubes as it gives it a real zing. 

Ingredients you'll need for the second fermentation

  • Storage Bottles for Second Fermentation  - I got mine here
  • Small pieces of Organic dried or fresh fruit, they expand in the water kefir.
  • 50mls fresh organic juice

Step 1.

Place your organic  fruit juice and dried/fresh fruit into your chosen bottles along with your kefir liquid. 

Step 2.

Put the lid on and let your bottles sit somewhere out of direct sunlight between 3-7 days. In the cooler months I let them sit for 7 days sometimes longer if its really cold. During the summer its usually 24-48 hours and I know they're ready by seeing bubbles develop inside the bottle. Time to put them into the fridge.

Once they've been in the fridge for 12 hours, the fermentation precess has slowed right down.

Step 3.

Be careful opening your bottle, they can spring open really fast with all the pressure of the bubbles. Very similar to Champagne, but don't get too excited there is only a very small subtle trace of alcohol from a few days of fermentation.

Now your ready to ENJOY your very own bubbly Kefir! Start with 250mls per day. 

How'd you go? Have you started making Kefir before? Whats your favourite flavour to make, would love to hear about your experiences with water Kefir! Reach out in the comments section below.

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