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How to make sweet ginger tonic - Creature of Habits

How to make sweet ginger tonic

By Leonie | Earth Friendly Habits

Jul 17

If your like me and you don't like being sick and refuse to take the flu shot then your going to love this easy to make yourself 'sweet ginger tonic'. Use as a preventative to build up your immunity for the cooler seasons.


Immunity Builder

Your number 1 weapon of immunity defence is 'Ginger'  This potent Eastern herb has been used for thousands of years, being served up in cooking, medicinal tonics, teasing is packed full of the good stuff.

I was lucky enough to grow my first pot of ginger and harvest a humble amount to make a batch of 'sweet ginger immunity tonic'  which proved to build both mine & Dom's immunity up for the winter, its easy and will take you all of 30-40 mins.

Gingers Key Actions
  • Anti-inflammatory: Helps with Osteoporosis and over worked inflamed muscles
  • Antiseptic: Keeps the flu bugs & nasty germs away
  • Stimulates circulation: Keeping your blood at the surface & lowers blood pressure 
  • Anti-Emetic: Helps morning & motion sickness
  • Inhibits coughing: Soothes dry sore throats

To Start: Prepare your ginger

This is the Ginger that I harvested from my garden so I was lucky enough to get the roots and the Rhizome, which is the chunky piece we all know as Ginger.

Simply shave the skin off to make it all smooth, I used a potato peeler and for the hard to get at places, the back of a tea spoon gets in there nicely.

You'll need
  • Ginger (No specifics on how much) Learn how to grow your own ginger here
  • Honey (To taste)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: half a cup
  • Tea spoon
  • Potato peeler
  • Chopping board
  • Filtered Water
  • Frying pan
  • Tongs
  • 2 reusable jars

Putting it all together

Slice your Ginger thinly, for this I din't use a knife, instead I used the potato peeler to get my Ginger thin like paper.

The smell of ginger is so calming and beautiful, it will awaken a real sense of wellness in you. Maybe put on some music, light a candle or incense and make it ritual of connection.

Actionable steps
  • Place 500mls filtered water into your pan and bring to a simmer
  • Place your thinly cut Ginger into the pan 
  • Let the Ginger sit for 3-5 mins, not too long just enough for the waters heat to penetrate the Ginger
  • Take the Ginger out of the pan with the tongs and place into 1 jar 
  • Pour the heated filtered Ginger water into a mug or your second Jar, this can be consumed as is straight away or saved to heat up another time
  • Once your ginger is in the Jar put your honey in next as this will be gently heated by the warm ginger, mix it
  • Pour your apple cider vinegar in next, mix & taste to see if you'd like more honey
  • Put the lid on and store in the fridge, it will be ready in 24 hours

The best part: Consume your goodness

This is real ginger tonic at its finest, there is nothing more rewarding than creating your own medicinal tonics to become healthier, stronger and more resilient to the season, society and our life style choices.

When your pour yourself your Ginger tea tonic you'll melt and feel instantly relaxed and whole. Savour that moment, its those moments that'll heal you. 

Learn how to grow your own ginger here!

Ginger Tonic Tea
  • Choose your favourite mug or tea cup
  • Place 1-2 table spoons of the the tonic mixture in you cup
  • Add a few pieces of ginger
  • Pour hot water into your mug
  • Sprinkle with Saffron
  • Enjoy 😊 

About the Author

I believe that we don't have to move away from the city to renew our Earths resources, instead we need to move towards a lifestyle thats healthy for us and our Earth.