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How to harvest seeds from home grown basil - Seed Saving

How to harvest seeds from home grown basil

By Leonie | Earth Friendly Habits

Jul 31

At the end of every season we need to say goodbye to some of our favourite and trusty herbs. You've harvested the leaves and preserved them for future use, now the next step is to harvest and store the seed for next seasons planting time.


Seed saving is money in your bank

Yes money does grow on plants, in every way from the leaves, roots, branches, fruits & their irreplaceable seeds. All seeds are the legacy to life itself and without them we will starve, or worse become reliant on modified seeds. 

Seeds had great value before there was currency, they were used to barter with, to start crops with that bought community together and they had the promise of eternal life. Harvesting seeds still needs to be practiced even on a small scale in your own home, you never know when those seeds might come in handy, consider it your own way of investing, in the seed market.

Why its important to harvest home grown seeds

  • The seeds that you grow in your environment has developed its own immunity based on your local weather, water, fertiliser used, characteristic of the environment it grew up in. This makes the seed stronger and more resilient to negative forces, making the next crop bigger, stronger and more nutritious than before.
  • Provides nutrients for the people that consume them that will help them build immunity to their local surroundings.
  • Provides health and longevity
  • Saves time in searching for those seeds elsewhere 
  • Saves money being spent
  • Brings people closer together, host a seeds saving party as a get together with friends and family
  • Give away as life long gifts
  • You'll be one step ahead of the commercial growers 

First harvest & dry your seeds

Drying seeds is the same way we dry our herbs, with some twine or ribbon tied around the base of the seed branch and hung upside down in a dry airy place. Not sure, you can read about How to dry your herbs here

Drying seeds out may take a little longer than the actual herb, but thats o.k you won't need them in a hurry if you plan ahead for the next growing season. 

First Sign of flowers means there will be seed to harvest!
  • Once you see flowers let them bloom
  • When flowers have died down and are almost non existent cut from the base of the branch
  • Tie twine around the base of the branch that the seeds are on
  • Hang it upside down in a dry airy place anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months
  • Make sure they don't get mould on them or they'll go rancid

Seed party time

Nows the time to send out for your favourite people to hang out with, have a laugh, have a cry with and enjoy each others company.

Get everyone to involved, doesn't matter if its just you and a friend or 6 others. Get them to bring a home cooked meal or light snacks and get ready for your home to be filled with the most perfect aroma of your fave herbs, fruit and veggies

Heres what you'll need to get started....

  • Flat surface - Lounge room floor, kitchen or coffee table
  • White paper or sheet
  • Ready and able fingers
  • Storage containers and bags that are say to seal
  • Old sees satchels that you can reuse
  • Good conversation and an open heart

I don't think you'll have any trouble in inviting people over for a good old fashioned seed harvest. And everyone benefits from having walked in with a plate of food and when they walk out, the'll have seed in their pockets to plant for the following season.

Job Weldon, and a job that would benefit children too. Its always great to show children the rituals that have been around for thousands of years that hopefully they can pass down too.

So how'd you go? Have you booked four seed harvest yet? I'd love to know how your going with all your seed harvesting projects, reach out in the comments below and there them with me

About the Author

I believe that we don't have to move away from the city to renew our Earths resources, instead we need to move towards a lifestyle thats healthy for us and our Earth.