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How to grow Ginger in a pot - Creature of Habits

How to grow Ginger in a pot

By Leonie | Gardening Tutorials

Jun 12

Growing your very own ginger is a must for anyone who doesn't like to fuss a lot over keeping plants a live. They pretty much do their own thing provided you follow these basic steps.


Why you should grow Ginger in a pot?

Ginger is the greatest health preventative herb you'll ever grow, and one of the easiest to get started.

Ginger naturally helps to build your bodies immune system by providing anti-inflamatory properties that your body can naturally use. Its also great to help fight or nausea, morning-sickness, and sore muscles. Ginger also helps with digestion, balances out blood sugar levels, lowers cholesterol and can help to support your body with weight.

Best of all Ginger is a great herb to consume during the winter months to help prevent you from getting the common cold.  

Heres what you'll need to get started....

  • 30cm pot or bigger 
  • 2 small rhizome placed 5-10cm a part or 1 large rhizome placed int the centre
  • Soil for growing veggies (or soil that's already grown green manure - see here)
  • Part shade (Ginger doesn't like too much sun)
  • Ginder grows best in humidity (start indoors then take outside after last frost)
  • Keep soil moist and mulched (All about mulching here) 
  • Harvest in 8+ months

How to grow your ginger in a pot

Start by planting your ginger rhizomes about 3-5cm into the soil. It doesn't matter if a little bit of the ginger is exposed out of the soil. Ginger will start to sprout green leaves, this is how you'll know that its now starting to harvest light to convert into energy to grow.

Keep the soil most and well drained.  Ginger is strong plant and can withstand strong winds, but won't tolerate strong sun. You'll notice the leaves will burn easily if ginger is left in a dry hot place without shade to protect it. So remember to check on it as the direction of the sun throughout the different seasons can and will change. So stay on top of this for the life of your ginger depends on this. 


Where your ginger pot should be situated

  • Out of direct sun
  • Behind another plant that provides shade
  • Near your watering supply

When to harvest your ginger

From watching and observing your ginger you'll start to notice what it likes, what doesn't like and you'll start to develop your own sixth sense and knowing on a deeper level what your ginger and other plants need. 

With the first sign of the cooler season starting and the humidity starts to drop you'll notice that your ginger plant will start to yellow, dry out and die like the above pic. The ginger plant is now ready to harvest.

Simply dig or pull the rhizomes out of the soil, dust off any excess plant matter, cut the stalks and leaves off and your ginger is now ready to cooked with or used in medicinal preparations....

How to use your ginger

  • Sweet Ginger Tonic Recipe (Helps prevent cold and flu symptoms & soothes dry irritated throats) 
  • Grate and use in smoothies
  • Dry and ground down into ginger power 
  • Steep to make into ginger tea
  • Pickle to preserve for months to come

About the Author

I believe that we don't have to move away from the city to renew our Earths resources, instead we need to move towards a lifestyle thats healthy for us and our Earth.