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How to grow Alpine strawberries from seed - Creature of Habits

How to grow Alpine strawberries from seed

By Leonie | Gardening Tutorials

Feb 26

Learn how to turn a small amount of space into a years supply of organic strawberries! Your Investment is just $3 plus a few hours spent outdoors in your small garden space, you'll never have to pay $10+ for a punnet of organic strawberries ever again!


Why grow Alpine Strawberries? 

Are you like me and you want to have something entirely different and exotic to what everyone else is having? Good, then your in the right place.

You'll never find these beautiful ruby gems on the supermarket shelf which makes them in my opinion, something quite special and somewhat of a 'designer fruit'! Not everyone is going to wear Prada, but everyone will have access to Adidas.

Thats like Alpine strawberries, put a little bit of creativity into growing something unique and you get to eat something that some people will never get the chance too, so why would't you grow these rare and easy to grow fruits?

Here are my top 10 reasons for growing Alpine Strawberries.

Why you should invest in Alpine Strawberries

  • They're easy to grow from seed
  • They are runner-less, which means they are compact and don't sprawl everywhere, great for container growing on balconies 
  • Sweeter than commercially grown strawberries
  • They're an Heirloom variety from Europe
  • They don't need a lot of attention
  • They'll produce in their first year
  • You won't find these in the stores
  • They make great gifts as potted plants at Xmas!

How to grow Alpine Strawberry from seed

Alpine Strawberry germinated after 1 week

The best way to grow these little berries is in re-usable container's.

Any old empty container will do that once had food in it, just give it a rinse, poke a few holes in it for drainage, add your home made composted soil or store bought potting mix, sprinkle the seeds on top, water in and wait 10 or more days for germination. Containers I've used vary in what i'v consumed, Here are a few container suggestions...Yoghurt tubs, meat trays, egg cartons, tins, biscuit tray's, milk cartons...and I'm sure you'll find other re-usable items to use too.

The strawberries above germinated within 7 days as they were done indoors on the window cill, at the end of winter. The soil was constantly warm but always moist which I feel helped them to germinate faster.

You can of course sow yours out doors in a warm area, give them anywhere between 7-28 days to germinate.

Follow the below steps for success.

Steps for Alpine Strawberry success
  • Re-use a container and put some holes in the bottom for easy drainage
  • Place seed raising soil or home made compost in the container
  • Place this container on-top of another re-used container to collect the water from the drainage holes. This will keep your area clean and make excess water available when the soil needs it.
  • Water the soil so its damp but not soaked. 
  • Sprinkle the alpine seeds onto the soil, 1/4 of the pack will do just fine, no need to cover the seeds, they are small and will find their way into a crevice in the soil which the roots of the plant will dig down into
  • Water in to wet the seeds as this will help to break the protective putter shel of the seed. watering it in will make sure the seed gets contact with the soil.
  • leave in a warm area, window cills are great that catch the sun.
  • Keep the soil moist, don't let it dry out.
  • Keep a spray bottle close by to give then a little spray every morning before the sunlight comes in.

Once your Alpine Strawberries are Established 

How to grow Alpine Strawberries

Alpine Strawberries grown from seed and fruiting within 12 months!

Planting your strawberries out into their new container homes will be one of the best things you'll ever do! Once they are in, they'll settle & root down into the soil, they are really hard to pull out once they are established. They're re drought tolerant &  spring back once they die off and will forever bare fruit for years to come.

Keep the seeds from your best fruit and you'll have Alpine Strawberries to pass on to the next generation. 

Ideal Living requirements for Alpine Strawberries

  • Full sun to part shade (They love sun) Their leaves might wilt at the end of the day, a watering will bring them back to life
  • Mulch them well to keep the soil moist and well drained
  • You can grow them with other herbs, fruits and vegetables, we grew our's in the same container as our wild thyme and blueberries
  • I dug in seaweed that I harvested from regular beach trips, this provided a slow release fertiliser, I never fed them again after that.
  • leave them to grow and be magnificent fruit!
  • You might experience slugs or birds nibbling on them,  so I suggest growing a few plants to keep everyone happy. I believe everyone should get their fair share. Birds, humans and slugs included. Our birds already have a limited food source living in the city so why not grow and extra plant for them too.
How to grow Alpine Strawberries in containers

Daily Alpine Strawberry Harvests!

How are you going with your Alpine Strawberry growing? Would love to hear from you in the comments below!

About the Author

I believe that we don't have to move away from the city to renew our Earths resources, instead we need to move towards a lifestyle thats healthy for us and our Earth.