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How to dry out herbs without a dehydrator - Herb Drying

How to dry out herbs without a dehydrator

By Leonie | Gardening Tutorials

Jul 31

Yes you can dry out your home grown herbs without a dehydrator, and its simpler than you might have thought. I'm using Parsley as an example but you can use any herb to preserve by drying it out this way.


Why Dry out your herbs?

Just a few pointers on why you should start harvesting your herbs, and storing for those days where you wish you had a pinch of something special  to go with your famous Bolognese. 

 Harvesting & drying your herbs 

  • Preservation of medicinal value
  • Obtain a yield before the season changes and your plant dies
  • Add to cooking and culinary exploration 
  • To share with friends & family
  • To add to medicinal teas, tinctures & home made beauty products

How to dry-out your herbs?

There really isn't anything to it, herb drying has been around for thousands of years, with all indigenous cultures throughout the world preserving their valuable herbs for medicine and food. 

Get a good bunch of your freshly harvested home grown herbs, tie some twine or ribbon around them and hang for 1-4 weeks. Time to hang will depend on how rich in moisture your herbs are.  After about day 5 you can lightly touch them to feel if they crinkle or not.

 Harvesting & drying your herbs  tips

  • Tie some twine or ribbon around the base of your herbs
  • Hang upside down with the leaves pointing downwards
  •  Make sure they're hanging in a well ventilated place with good air flow
  • Check by lightly touching them with your hands to feel if they are drying
  • If they are still feeling wet to touch after 7 day, relocate to another area to dry.
  • Once your herbs are dry, take them down and place on your chopping board
  • Lightly full at the herb so the dried leaves come nicely off the twig.
  • Crunch the herbs in your hands or crush with a pestle and mortar
  • Store in a sterilised airtight reusable jar

Dried & Tested

There is no greater feeling than growing, harvesting and eating your own herbs, and it so easy. 

Once you get into the habit of things, you won't ever need to buy for fave herbs ever again. You'll save or make money by doing this, stop putting waste into landfill, lower the amount of Kilometres it takes food to getting to your kitchen and enjoy a very satisfactory grin 😁 that you did this! 


  • Teas - Herbal tea infusions
  • Cooking - Add for taste
  • Garnish - A sprinkle of herbs on any dish is a delight for the eyes
  • Gifts - From the garden are true gifts of love
  • Medicine - Use as a prevention to stay healthy, happy and youthful

What do you think about growing, harvesting and drying out your own herbs? Do you do it, are you planning to or are to unsure about how to get started? Let me know in the comments below. Every comment gets answered.

About the Author

I believe that we don't have to move away from the city to renew our Earths resources, instead we need to move towards a lifestyle thats healthy for us and our Earth.