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Composting For Balconines And Small Spaces - Waste Free Living

At Your Earth Friendly Service!

Getting started with composting can seen like a complicated thing, especially if you're not sure where to put it (inside or out) or if your not sure how to manage it, since you've got a zillion other things in your life to manage. 

Don't worry about any of that, I'll have that sorted and all your other composting concerns like 'what about the bugs' & 'will it smell' and the big question I always get is 'which composting system is right for me'?

We'll meet up twice at your place, in the first meeting I just want to hear all about your current lifestyle habits and for you to give me a tour of your home, this'll give me the foundation to:

1. Design the right management system for you

2. Suggest the right composting system that'll suit your current lifestyle.

The second time we'll meet up at your place again, and I'll have your composting system with me ready to get you started with some of your kitchen scraps that you'd have saved since our first meeting, and you'll start composting! 

I'll check in on you 2 weeks after setting you up with your composting system to see if you have any questions or concerns, then I'll touch base with you 1 month after that to make sure your confident with managing it, then again in 6 months to see if you'd like a hand harvesting your first compost soil to grow your chosen plants in.

Fill out the form below so we don't waste another moment saving all your veggie scraps and other household perishable items from going to landfill, forever!

The below form will be delivered straight to my email, which I check personally every morning with my long black coffee in hand!