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Waste Free Living - Composting For Balconies And Small Spaces


How to do a plastic free grocery shop 

 FREE online training For Women Who Want An Earth Friendly Lifestyle!

Hi, I'm Leonie

A self proclaimed Human-humble-bee who grows food in containers & compost's all our kitchen scraps and other household perishables.

I say no to single-use packaging and anything else that can’t be reused, renewed, recycled or repurposed.

The best thing is I do all this whilst living in a busy metropolitan city, and I’m here to help women like you, do it too!

Small Tweaks, High impact!

Don’t worry I’ll never ask you to give up chocolate. Hell no! That’s god’s gift to us ladies! 

Instead I’ll set you up with your own low maintenance composting system that'll smell good and not eek you out with too many grubs, so you can start transforming your  kitchen waste & selected chocolate packaging into black gold, no not oil, but soil.

Soil that you’ll be able to grow the sweetest healthiest organic food in, all year round, even if your renting or limited with space!

Homegrown Organic Food
In Small Spaces!

Once your composting system is all set and making black gold, oops I mean soil, I’ll teach you how to grow your favourite food!

You'll be wowing everyone at your next dinner party, serving up the food you grew from seed in the soil you made PLUS you'll be contributing to a more resilient future!

So what're you waiting for?!

Hire me to come over to your home & i’ll gladly set you up with your own composting system 

It'll smell really good & not eek you out with too many grubs 

You'll be making your own soil within 6 months to grow your favourite foods in, all year round & our Earth will be better for it!

Now Serving balconies & Small spaces in Sydney